On the cobblers bench, that sat in my Bamba’s den where I practiced piano after school after consuming a CC&O and an “old fashioned” little bottle of coke, are very special mementos of love–

In the far right of first picture a notepad for writing down any brilliant ideas I might have,

below that a tiny sand dollar with “Inspire” written on it, to the left a yummy smelling candle, a beautiful pottery bowl hand made by an inimitable potter friend, a little plate with my counseling biz cards and a tiny red heart with “xoxo”.

In front of the candle and beautiful pot to put things in is a tiny hand woven “egg basket” which could probably only hold one egg, but I think it is great for holding tiny books like the Velveteen Rabbit and The Art of Degas and the Hand Shadows book.

In the far lower right hand corner is an “old fashioned” matchbook that is handy for lighting the candle.

In the second picture of my Bamba’s cobblers’ bench is everything in the first pic and better viewing of the inspiring signage which says “Hello WONDERFUL! You are STRONG, BRAVE, CAPABLE, CREATIVE and READY.  GO make LIFE HAPPEN!” Most of time I point this in the direction of a guest in my Diva Den away from my chair because I live here. 😉

Anyway I LOVE my Diva Den

AND, have I told you lately?  I love you guys!  <3

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