This is a view coming in from outside.

My Diva Chair found in a favorite “found things” haunt near downtown Winston-Salem–Elizabeth’s–

with a gorgeous pillow which I paid too much for from 1502 Upholstery

and the adorable painted yellow table that i found in another haunt in Lewisville–Its just the right shape with a magazine like rack on the bottom half–very helpful for storing my counselory type stuff–facilitating the pronouncement of wise things, hopefully . . . . . . . .

I left off writing this a few weeks ago–maybe longer, because I got down on myself (like anybody can occasionally) and was thinkin’ stinkin’ thoughts like “Nobody wants to hear this. No one’s interested in your Diva Den stuff. Blah, Blah, Blah.”  You know the drill.

That’s the more depressive Artist Me speaking and . . .

Counselor Me says: “Little one–you bring so much beauty into the world by painting beauty for you little Margaret–and then for others by sharing it, though I know it does take it’s toll on you sometimes. You can be brave, because I’m here for you. And you know that I am pretty damn smart and wise and confident that I can help you do this!  Ok??”

Artist Me:  “Ok?  Ok. I’ll try. I know if I listen to you everything will be alright. It always is–always has been–except for that time you went into hiding and would not come out at all, or at least, not very often, to help–I guess that was for– like taking strengthening exercises for me?

But where were you?  Anyway, you’re here now. And I think you hear me.  So we don’t care if some folks don’t pay much attention or think we are attention seeking greedy pigs?”

Counselor Me:  “Right. Actually no, not right.  We care, but we just say “Silly Old Bear” and go on with what we were doing.  And AHA!  That’s about all there is to it. I think. Just be yourself, if you step on anything Small, it will probably let you know or the greater Hundred Acre certainly will–you know karma–that bitch   😉

A couple more views of my Diva Den. 🙂


And have I told you lately how much I LOVE you guys!  <3 


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