IMG_0861I’m on vacation with my guy and good buddy Phil.  We are having a very relaxing little late summer vacation at Topsail Beach, NC.

We’re having so much fun singing and playing guitar and uke together and riding bikes or riding bike that is–we have to ride one at a time because Mazie can’t be left alone (Phil’s beagle) because he says she will go nuts and tear up the place–

I forgot the cardinal rule of beach biking however–which I had learned earlier in life but clearly forgot–ride the first stint into the wind so that the wind has your back going home.  I rode down to the point and thought–wow this is so easy–wow–I’m not even getting my heart rate up– Then turned around and came back into the wind blowing hard in my face–heart rate up!IMG_0871

The second day I biked which was yesterday I discovered that I had forgotten another cardinal rule of biking on the beach–really you’ve got to go at the lowest point of low tide–I thought I was fine biking a couple of hours off of dead low–nope!  The sand was so soft and I kept slipping and sliding and skidding–the great thing about all this very frustrating slipping and almost falling off about 10 times was that I paused and took bunches of pictures of the breathtaking sky. IMG_0868

I went swimming after my ride yesterday–Phil says there is a riptide in effect for today so that I can’t swim–boo–He’s bike riding now–I sent him into the wind.

Anyway, that’s my check in –the house is oceanfront and very close to the ocean so can hear the roar of the waves crashing–one of my favorite things in the whole world. I’m writing this from the front porch looking out over the big OOSH.

IMG_0830“Pronounciate” Oosh with a long o sound please.IMG_0874

I’m sharing some pictures of the sky that I took today with my iPhone on my beach bike ride. Enjoy!  These are great fodder for future paintings, don’t you see. 😉


I love you guys! <3


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