This is what painting does for me–washes away the dust!

You know this last few weeks I have been cleaning out closets because I wanted to usher in open space for the new, the simple, the lovely.

You know what I got???  3 broken major appliances!!

First the upstairs toilet tank split and water flooded the bathroom and dripped through the smoke alarm opening, setting it off of course, endlessly until I figured out how to neuter the damn

Then a few days later the microwave just completely stopped working.  Went microwave shopping–not as expensive as I thought it would be but still blew a hole in my budget!!–I hate budgets!

Then went on a wonderful beach vacation with my guy Phil where we lay out under the stars and counted the constellations and strained to see some stars shoot across the heavens.

As soon as I got home from beach, I went for some ice for my water and behold: refrigerator freezer that has icing up for a while completely gave up the ghost–no ice–frost all over the whole freezer–not cooling properly.

Yep went refrigerator shopping and found the only refrigerator that would fit into my “custom space” and broke the bank even more.

This time, I wised up and bought the 150.00 5 year warranty on parts and service because the ice makers of this particular model (counter depth, not too high, not too wide for my small space) are pretty fragile.

Even so, when the refrigerator was delivered the manufacturer had decided place some sort of box on top of the thing which made it 3 inches too tall for my space and I had to call a cabinet guy to take down the cabinet, cut away the soffet and replace said cabinet for another 175.00.  Whew!

And then I tempted fate–something I am prone to do . . . and cleaned out one more closet.

Then next day I wound up with teeny weeny little uti which fortunately my doctor trusted me to diagnose–rare these days (I love my doctor)—probably from having so much fun staying in shape on my bicycle–now you ladies know how our lady parts can be affected by the glorious biking.

What is this?

Is this the physics of action has an equal and opposite reaction?  I don’t think I like this.

Existential angst.  Or dust on the soul.

It’s often right around the corner, isn’t it?  I know it is for me–

A first world problem–but never the less, it does accumulate . . .  on the soul.

I know you all have similar stories of frustration and disappointment and the proverbial monkey wrench that life throws into our amazing plans for being peaceful, serene, joyful and relaxed and dare I say happy.

So after a couple weeks of recovery– doing very little but resting and watching lots of Netflix movies,

So I start planning my next painting. It’s a simple as that.

I paint for the same reason that folks climb Mt Everest, I believe–

to wash away the dust that accumulates on the soul from the mundanity of life.

Love you guys. <3



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