Creativity is beckoning you.  YOU KNOW it!!! You can FEEL it!  That little flutter of anticipation . .   that there’s a lot more that’s fun and exciting and full of meaning out there for you!!! 

Not sure where to start or how to start??

I’ll make STARTING EASY!!! I promise!  I know the secret sauce.

I’m an expert at bringing out your special blend of creativity!!!

I really am!! I did it for myself and I’ve done it for others many times!!!

AND if you’ve been creating for awhile now and need a REAL JUMPSTART–fresh ideas, inspiration, encouragement, some cheering on I’m your girl!! Together we’ll do IT!!!  I know the secrets!  I do!!! I promise!!

I’m here FOR YOU! 


I know tIme and experience tested strategies for inviting your muse to tea (or a glass of bubbly) and seducing her within an inch of her complete submission.  She’ll be at YOUR beck and call.You’ll be her master not her servant. And when you master the dance with your muse that’s when you are in flow with the River of Life and you can GIVE GREAT GIFTS TO THE WORLD!!

And It Will Be Fun!  Ready to see if this adventure is a fun fit for you ask your tortured moody creator to step to the side of the stage and make way for your  happy magical self in the kingdom of Plentiful Creativity!

Want one hint to the secret sauce of seduction?  


Yes, it’s that simple!

And you can start Here and Now by imagining this:

Give me ONE ROOM and I will give you a PORTAL to your highest future badass creative self!  AND we’ll have such fun!

It’s a bombshell creative act which will start your cascading flow into the magical River of Life and Creativity.  Contact me please! to schedule a FREE 40 minute phone conversation to answer your questions, details of how to start and when.

I can’t wait!!

<3 Margaret


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