DSC_0217I realized recently that I have been hoarding my paintings and decided to have a conversation with myself about it.

The counseling side of my brain

tells the art side of my brain

that it must have a perception of scarcity.

And thus the conversation goes:

Art Brain :   “I guess I felt like my ability to paint was scarce–that each time I painted something it could be the last.”

Counseling Brain:  “I think a lot of people might be surprised at this because quite a few over the years, including at least one gallery owner have told you Art Brain that you are prolific.”

Art Brain:  ” So maybe I have some thinking that stuck back 50 years ago when I drew something only occasionally and didn’t have much confidence. Maybe the opposite of scarce is closer to the truth.”

Counseling Brain:  “I love turning things on their head AB!”

Art Brain:  “Ok so if I’m prolific, I have an infinite supply and I can release as many paintings as I want without fear of not having any left to make my home beautiful.”

Counseling Brain:  “Yup, that’s pretty much what I think! Maybe you have an abundance of art and ideas for art and ideas about making life more beautiful and fun with your art!”

Art Brain:  “That’s a little overwhelming CB.”

Counseling Brain:  “Take all the time you need to figure this next part out. You know patience has never been your strong suit. You know we’ve cut back to counseling 2 afternoons a week  so that we could have all this space for fun, Phil, family, bike riding, grandchildren, painting, creating. You know we wanted to be in our weekend zone more–that place where it all flows.”

Art Brain: “Why have I been stressing myself out CB?”

Counseling Brain:  “You know change is hard even when it’s positive change–you are finding your new balance.  And don’t forget you just got a new puppy. You know you are kind of hard on us sometimes, and ahem, impatient!”

Art Brain:  “Can I marry you CB?”

Counseling Brain: “Silly girl, you know I don’t do art therapy!  But you can hang out in my gorgeous Diva Den that you created for me when I meet with clients if you’d like!”

Art Brain:  “Do you think folks would like to see pics of our Diva Den and hear about how excited it makes us?”

Counseling Brain:  “Yep, no prob. We’ll just take some pics and post here AB. No worries!”

Art Brain: ” I love your confidence CB!”

Counseling Brain:  “I love you AB!”


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