How could you “fast track” meeting your amazing future badass self? 

I know howbecause I do this with women all the time! 

Yes, and I know that 1 small change is all it takes to trigger a transformation 

Instead of “winding down” slowly you could “level up”

by doing something EASY!

And It’s EASY because there will be the 2 of usAnd I REALLY love doing this stuff.

HOW? Where will we start?

We’ll start ina room of your home—

Ireally like the most cluttered, soul suckingroom myself—but any room will do. 

And we’ll transform it intoYourBlissful Retreat—together!!

Because your future self needs a place to come home to!!

And What will SHE DoIn there?  How will SHE feel?

OFFER: 4 days over the next 30 

  1.  Declutter!—I come to your house. We decide on a room. We clear the clutter to invite in the muse.
  •  Discover!!—We talk about how you want to feel in your room—that Badass You that you would like invite in. Look at my DREAM book, make a dream book, talk about details of décor like paint colors, shelving, help we might need moving heaving furniture.
  • Decorate!!!  We go on an all day treasure hunt in our favorite haunts—and find cool pieces that you love and that will reflect your Next and BEST YOU.
  • Celebrate!!!!Surprises and extra fun this day!

We’ll transform a room of your choice to reflect Your style, beauty, gifts, interests, joys—with favorite things, colors, art, books, looks and nooks!

And Introduce YOU to Your Next Best Self!

Make the Next Thirdthe Best Third!!!

Please email to set up a free chat about more details of this fun adventure, and a possible starting date.

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