Here is the first pic of my Diva Den that I want to show you! AB (My Art Brain) has agreed to let CB (Counseling Brain) share–CB has tons of confidence. AB, not so much–a little self deprecating and fragile she is.   We’re trying to lift AB’s confidence a little. So we’ll start with one of urban dictionary’s definition’s of Diva–the one I liked. 

Urban Dictionary: Diva pronounced (DEE-VAH)- describe a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or want to be. 2. A person whose character makes them stands out from the rest.

Ok. So this really describes the part of me that I call Counseling Brain,

but we’re sharing AB’s handiwork here to lift her confidence and have some fun–AB is kind of serious and introverted, poor thing.

So AB put together this beautiful wall for my home counseling office which I call my Diva Den. You’ll notice the amazing collage print of well known Diva and wonderful person–Audrey Hepburn.

To the left of Audrey a beautiful Currier and Ives print in an old wooden frame that my Grandmother Huntley passed down to me. I used to call her Bamba and then when I got older and “more mature” that sounded so silly and childish that I started calling her Grandmother–don’t you hate that when we get self-conscious and all “grown up.”  Screw that!

Under the Currier and Ives fruit print is a beautiful grapevine angel that protects the sweet ladies that sit in this chair–the magic chair where people come to be loved on.

To the right of Audrey is a cute framed black and white zigzag magnetic board with 3 fuchsia pink magnetic dots which I move around according to my whim or mood. (A great “found object from Elizabeth’s on Reynold Rd near downtown Winston-Salem) Above the cool magnetic board is a 12×12 canvas of gold hearts and the word LOVE (from my another of my favorite haunts–Home Goods). The chair came from World Market and was not expensive–I had the pillow made with the saying on it “Girlsjustgottahavefun!”  I should have added “or else” to the pillow, because you just never know what might happen if us girls don’t have enough fun!!!  Not pretty, not pretty at all!!!!

The coffee table is an antique cobblers bench that was in Bamba’s cozy den where I practiced my piano lessons–

hated piano lessons so much

but loved being with Bamba who sat with me patiently,

after i had galumphed down a cream cheese and olive sandwich with homemade mayonnaise on white bread and a little bottle of coke.

So AB arranged all this for me so that i can create a warm and glittery atmosphere for me and my clients to feel safe, cared for, and beautiful. (Notice the tree with lights on it.) Another whole tale about that. 😉

More Diva Den next time!  Can’t wait!

I love you guys!  <3














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