If you believe that time is an endless loop of love,

If you believe that feelings and thoughts are fungible and creative and under your control,

If you believe your body is your instrument of love,

If you believe your life has a high purpose. If you believe that large undulating waves of love and purpose and beauty are infectious (literally catching) and cascading.

If you believe . . . The Next third really is the most creative time if You Believe.

You know what I think, I think that the Next Third really is the most creative time!

Our kids are out of the nest and have minimal needs from us ( except for us to always be there if they need us)–got that–

We have time to make our bodies work for us, time to eat what’s good for us, time and space to feed our souls, time and space to say no to everything and anything that is not in our flow.

Fulfilling our highest creative selves is the work of the next third.

But it’s not so much work as it is folding ourselves into it–not pushing and panting and striving like the ego wants us to–waving the carrot until our little monkey lurches.

It’s more like gently discovering by being tenacious and gentle with ourselves and deeply loving ourselves into the flow of love Where the light shines through us and lights others up to glide into their perfect flow of the next beautiful third. Where soul and spirit and love come together to make the most beautiful tapestry of creative love imaginable.

<3  Margaret

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