Art That Feels Good!

Hi Divas!   I’m Margaret and I create art that feels good!

And especially feels good to your inner Diva!

And you know


you need to put

your good feels art,

don’t you?

In your own Diva Den!!

Your high vibe space–your  place to soak up

and recharge 

your unique Diva Vibe!

What is your favorite vibe, by the way?

Is it Easy and Breezy?

Sharp and Smart?

Dreamy and Schemey?

Snazzy, Jazzy?

Silly, Frilly?

Sockin’ and Rockin’?

Or a Combo of several!!

I will capture all of them

in one of a kind paintings

designed to Recharge your Diva spirit

in your own retreat—your Diva Den!

Let’s get started!

1.What are your favorite feelings?

2. What do you want to feel?

3. When in your life did you feel most alive, at peace, resilient, crazy happy?

4. What are your most favorite colors?

5.  What colors come to mind when you think about how you want to feel?

*Maybe your life is go-go-go and you want to feel relaxed and in a dreamy state.

*Maybe you take care of others doing repetitive tasks ( hello stay at home mommies, teachers, health care professionals) and you would like something more razzely-dazzely for your escape.

  • Whatever feels the best!!

I will create the perfect painting for you to feel as cozy, inspired, peaceful, or socking’ and rocking’ as you want to feel!

Call or email today

to purchase your painting from the website–FREE shipping!!!


commission your painting today.

I love you guys. <3



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