Did you know that my camera is just as an important tool for my paintings as my paint brushes?

Not only do I capture lovely images on the fly so that I can paint them in my own space at my own pace, I can make almost anything out of my art as long as I have taken a REALLY good picture of it.

And taking really good pics of my paintings is an art in itself–one that is still a work in progress for me!

It was mid July and sweat was dripping into my eyes as I took each of my little and big beauties–those that haven’t yet sold and rephotographed them in the bright sun to get the best possible image–

Standing in the hot sun taking pics of art using the back drop of an umbrella table is probably not what most of you think as a part of artist life.

It’s the down and dirty work–not my favorite, but so important for getting a great image–bright especially the whites- for reproducing on canvas and paper and even throw pillows and iPhone cases, etc.

If you a see a piece of my art–old or new that you just LOVE, I can take a really good picture of it and have it reproduced for you on a canvas of almost any size, or as a framed print, decorative throw pillows, small make-up bags, large make up bags, tote bags, even kitchen towels, bath towels or a beach towel–the possibilities . . . .  😉  Isn’t that amazing!  Our imaginations are the only limitations!

Or I could do a wall of small prints for you for over a bed, a sofa, as a statement wall in a dining area or entryway to your home!  Really, together we could make quite a statement!

Really I just like saying statement wall–sounds all interior designy, doesn’t it!

I love you guys! <3


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