A couple weeks ago on July 4 exactly, Phil and I went on a lovely rainy day bike ride at the Meadowlark Greenway.  There I saw 5 or 6 indigo buntings flitting among the bushes alongside the path. photo-87

They are so abundant there.

I usually spot this breathtakingly beautiful little bird  only from a distance sitting on telephone wires, confirming that it is indeed indigo bunting only by the light hitting it just right and upon hearing its complicated and beautiful song.

Thusly and therefore, I have always thought of them as shy–forgive the anthropomorphism.

But the gorgeous Meadowlark Greenway has brought indigo bunting to my eye level. So fun on my bike rides with Phil to have their company flitting and singing on the down low. 😉

Here’a little watercolor/collage I did a couple of years ago of the beautiful Indigo Bunting of which I speak.  See–on the down low–like in the bushes beside the bike path.

And so:  3 Reasons I love Indigo Buntings.

  1. The iridescent blue green color shimmers and changes color constantly in the sun.
  2. They are usually shy and sit on telephone wires
  3. They are plentiful at the Meadowlark Greenway
  4. Bonus: Their gorgeous and complicated song.
  5. Bonus #2:   The name:  Indigo Bunting–just the word “indigo” rolls off my tongue and I can almost feel it’s blueness. And “bunting”–a cozy baby bunting of a word–like all wrapped up with love in indigo.


Did ya know?  I love you guys!   <3

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