Art Parties

Art Parties

Finally, Art Camp (Parties) for Grown-Ass Women.

Art Parties

These are daytime events–

1.“Get Your Brushes Wet” Party. Two hour Art Party 1-3.  You will complete a small painting either a 6X6 canvas Little Beauty–with acrylic paint, or a couple small pastels (beautiful, colorful, high class chalk) on artists sandpaper, watercolors on watercolor paper–whichever sounds the most fun to you!  (49.00  Reserve your spot with complete payment by Venmo or PayPal or Check.)

2. “No Tiny Brushes Allowed” Party You will complete 16×20 canvas using Margaret’s extensive stash of beautiful acrylic paints and larger brushes, a lunch of old fashioned finger sandwiches, fruit, and drinks. This will be a longer learning experience 11:00 AM- 3:30,  focused on making art easy and giving you some of my favorite tips, with a celebratory glass of wine to mark the occasion. (139.00  Reserve your spot with 50.00 down payment by Venmo, PayPal or Check.)

That blank canvas can be scary to even the most seasoned artist, but with me your fear will disappear like a popped bubble in a bath of Calgon. Margaret will “take you away” with easy fun painting!

Why you will LOVE Art Parties:

You can benefit from sharing a space with fun-loving, like-minded women where you can even be inspired by a gallery full of art. Think of your best experience with a group of ladies and your best art class as a kid all rolled into one–Even MORE fun that that!

Experience Margaret’s process and how she creates. The creative process is more than simply learning technique with a brush. The things that drive our creative energy and ideas are all around us, and when we learn to see them we can avoid feeling stuck, frustrated and instead feel free and inspired!

All the supplies you’ll need are provided. This is meant to be a stress-free, relaxed and safe environment.

By appointment only, please. Email Margaret to reserve your spot at an Art Party!

Paper White 16×20 acrylic

Summer is Here 16×20 acrylic

Art Party Retreats

Full artistic immersion. We’ll include the general ideas below, but when I interview participants I’ll also be looking for what everyone is most interested in (food and activities) and build the day around those as well.

  • 1-3 night retreats for a more extensive learning experience
  • Canvas, acrylic paint, pastels, sandpaper, and other supplies provided
  • A good group of ladies taking their time, finding things that inspire them (sort of like an art treasure hunt)
  • Lunch and home cooked meals, walks, stretches included in a non-rigid schedule so everyone feels free
  • Group learning and one-on-one instruction
  • Access to music that anyone present is inspired by via Amazon Echo

Email Margaret to learn more about the Art Party Retreats!

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