Think of yourself as a pitcher full of water.

Now picture you grabbing the handle of your pitcher and pouring your water out on everyone around you . .  . a drop here, a splash there, a gusher over there– lavishly watering everyone, nurturing them, helping them, feeding them, taking care of them, loving them.

Keep pouring . . . pour some more.  They need lots of water, don’t they!

Now pour some more.

Keeping pouring!!

How’s your pitcher now?

Does as  dry as a bone or the Sahara Desert  SOUND LUSCIOUS to you??

Nyet!  (That’s Russian for “Hell no!!”)   😉

Now picture yourself pouring water into your pitcher over

and over

and over again.

Keep pouring.

Every day pour more and more water in!  How’s your pitcher?

Full yet?    Keep pouring . . . is it . . .  overflowing?

Now that is LUSCIOUS. You are  lusciously overflowing with love!

20140913151647_00007Guess who gets this luscious, lavish overflow!!

Yes! Everyone around you– loved ones, strangers, even those who are unkind to you!!!!

Keep pouring into your pitcher day after day. It will (almost) never run out of water. I say almost never because you may have the occasional “dry pitcher” day after grabbing your pitcher by the handle and dumping it all out in one day to put out a major flare-up!

Be warned, however, it may take time fo retrain your friends and family.  You’ve done such a lavishly wonderful job of watering them this far.  It will take them (and you) a little while to adjust. This is the hardest time!! 

You may have to dig deep for the stamina to continue your self watering when you get push back from those  you have trained to expect so much from you.

But trust me, it will be worth it. Yes, I promise.

And remember those intense feelings of guilt or fear that appear when you are setting boundaries in order to fill your pitcher, are leftover emotions.

Notice them, name them, feel them and allow them to move through you: When they do, you will be an overflowing pitcher!!  And you will feel like laughing today and for (almost) all the days to come just like this unselfconscious lavishly loved little baby . . . because, you know that you are also lusciously, lavishly full of love!




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