II believe that if we knew everything that someone had experienced in his or her life,

that even the most bizarre behavior,

like streaking down the street buck naked shouting obscenities,

or riding a curly wave on a curly boat with your duck following closely behind,

would make perfect sense.

It’s also what makes my job (as counselor) fun– helping someone discover and put together the pieces of her life into a puzzle that makes sense.  I tell myself:  “Self, this fascinating, kooky, dramatic, strangely appealing, in a heart rending kind of way, story will make sense as soon as we unlock the mystery of what this person experience and reality!”

And then I go to work gaining understanding, giving kindness, and compassion.

Yes, we need compassion and kindness to have compassion for others’ kookiness!  Me especially.

And how do I get that kindness???  How do I do it, day after day?

My door to compassion and kindness is remembering my own unique  kookiness and fully embracing it.  We need kindness for all the parts of ourselves, especially the parts we judge harshly!

Remember your own unique kookiness is what makes you able to perform your own kooky sacred mission on earth!

Sometimes I need a little extra help remembering which parts of me need this kindness and compassion.  So I remind myself of:

 The Law of What Irritates Us Most in Others.

I both love and hate this truth. I love that it is a way out of anger and towards compassion for another person.   I also hate that it is a way out of anger and towards compassion for another person.

Here’s the Law: The thing that irritates you most about what another person is doing, saying, acting, etc., is a part of yourself, however small, that you do not want to accept, yet.

This Law really messes up a good mad!!

Remember, we’re all kooky in our own way!! For some of us it just hangs out more than it does for others.  I love Michael Keunig’s Curly Man!!  I can totally relate. 😉I


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