if you make friends with yourself, you will never be aloneI think about the word joy a lot trying to figure out what it is. It’s pretty hard to define and pretty hard to gin up.

It’s like a hiccup, it happens to you and you know when you have it.

I’m a very lucky lady because I have a sister named Joy who brings me an inordinate amount of joy as well just plain happiness.

I have a moment of pure joy when I know that all is well in that moment and it almost feels like that moment was tailor made for me!  Do you know the feeling?

Joy may have something to do with suffering in an oblique way. I’m not totally sure about this.  I know you can have joy amidst suffering.

I’m sure it has LOT to do with BEING FULLY PRESENT and a lot to do with gratitude.

Is it where sad and happy come together?  I don’t know? What causes that to happen?  Do you ever experience it? How do you experience it? I obviously have more questions than answers.

But I do know that when joy happens,  it feels like my soul is taking flight, like in this picture by the great Leunig. guy leaving his clothes and flying off as a butterfly with arms open wide

What does it feel like to you?  Tell us!  Please!

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