photo-116G is for Good.

My grandmother used to call all money good money.  Especially good was the money she would deposit in the savings and loan for my Dad once a week. She was the bookkeeper for his one horse medical practice and relished adding up the money and putting it safely away for us.

I would relish riding with her in her old car to the savings and loan and listening to her stories. My grandmother knew just how good money could really be; she lived through the depression and had her water cut off more than once for feeding her children rather than paying the bill.  She also relished telling me about how she would march right out to the street and cut water back on! So there!

That was in the old days. I know it was the “old days” because my Dad was the kind of doctor who made house calls in the middle of the night.

He would hop into his clothes right over his pajamas, grab his worn black medical bag with the stethoscope hanging out, and trudge across the lawn to the detached garage and into the blackness. I watched him leave out my window and waited for him to get home.  I could not sleep until he was home.  I worshipped the ground he walked on.

But I digress into a story, when I’m supposed to be talking about G being for good.

So what is it that makes something good?

Money can certainly be used for good or ill.

What is the measure of goodness?  Why did my grandmother think that the money Daddy made was so good??  Maybe because she was so grateful??


God is Great, God is Good;

Let us thank Him for our food.

By His hands we all are fed,

Give us Lord our Daily Bread.


A simple childs prayer that many of us know says that God is both great and good.  Can stuff be great without being good?

I guess it depends on which definition of the word great you are using–whether you are meaning substantial in size or in quality.

Anyway, I think God is both.

And I agree with the simple prayer above.

It’s just about all I need really . . .  to remind myself to be grateful.  And I think when I am grateful, I am good–a beautiful mirror reflecting God and his goodness to me.






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