20140913151647_00014For a lot us, including me, feelings can be so Freaking annoying!!  Especially when  I am having a beautiful, carefree day and then someone does something that gets me so steamed like–cutting me off in traffic and the angry pops out of me more quickly than a rainstorm on a hot August afternoon.

You know why that is?

Because FEELINGS ARE LIKE THE WEATHER.  The weather just is.

Feelings just are.

They come and they go just like the weather. . . they are not a call to action:  I’m angry at the @#$!%*!!! driver who almost ran me off the road, but that doesn’t mean I need to DO anything about it.

Unpleasant feelings also don’t mean you’ve done anything wrong!  The rain doesn’t ask itself where it needs to go next or whether it’s raining in the wrong place, does it?  No, the weather just is.  Feelings just are.

Weather fronts move through. Sunny days follow . . . most of the time.

Feelings, like weather fronts will move through you, if you allow them to!!

Even sunny feelings are not necessarily a call to action. Just because you are feeling lucky, exuberant, delighted and abundantly blessed, doesn’t mean you should put 1/2 your life savings on one risky stock.  See?

Think about how you handle a rainy day.

Some of us are just not as chipper on rainy days as we are when the sun is shining.  We don’t make a federal case out of it though, do we?   We just notice the rain, accept it, and grab an umbrella.

Most of the time the same strategy will work for the occasional down-in-the- dumps -bad-weather-on-the-inside days.

You put on your most comfy pants, avoid the most annoying people, and wait through the day knowing that tomorrow is a new day.  Just make it through the day! 

To make the waiting easier, here are Five things (F is For Five) to keep you busy:

1.Notice the emotions

2.Name the emotions

3.Respect the emotions

4.Accept the emotions

5.Allow the emotions to move through you.

6 (*Bonus step) Connect a friend you really trust.


It may take an agonizingly long time, but try to stay with it and repeat the steps.

  1. (**Extra Bonus) Write down some of the feelings and thoughts.

Ok, there were Seven, but Seven is not an F word!  ;-}

A lot of us create drama when troubling emotions attack us, because we don’t know what else to do.

This ends up making us feel worse.

You may be afraid to fully acknowledge your feelings because you think if you do, they will hang around forever.

But, the very opposite is true: If you acknowledge and name your feeling(s), you’re taking some control over the feeling. You are in the process of externalizing the feelings as other (other than the real you) so that you can observe them, and not be controlled by them!


Remember, feelings are like the weather.

Just wait;  if you don’t like them, they will change.  The reverse is also true!

Don’t be surprised by feelings that pop up as quickly as a summer rainstorm. They are part of being human.


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