Think about this:

The next third of your amazing life

could be the very BEST third of your life!!

Instead of winding.  . .  down. . .  slowly you could wind up for the time of your life!

We could start with one One Painting for your new Your High Vibe Retreat!

This painting will be your Portal to that future. A painting that captures your one of a

kind of beauty with your unique gifts, interests, joys, favorite things, favorite styles, and

colors, looks and quotes.

And you (or we) could build out from there to design your cozy, safe, comfy and Beautiful

Place that exhilarates your highest hopes and provides calm for most frazzled days.

Even invite your wondrous muse out to play. . . she loves to fly in and out of your Portal Painting–yes she does!

And have I told you lately that . . .

I Love you!






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